Transition lenses are defective

New York, New York 2 comments

I bought transition lenses and was pleased with them until they started to develop some type of pealing along the edges less than a year later.I took them in and they gave me new lenses only to have the new lenses develop the same problam leass than a year later again.

They replaced my defective lenses witha pair of new defective lenses and the employee admitted they were defective. The manage said too bad, we replaced your lense once and will not do it again.

I told her she replaced one defective lense for another.

I have purchased about 10 pair of glasses from Lenscrafters through the years but neither I nor my family will ever do so again.



Had problem with lensesloosing transition property around the frame...took them back to Sears. NEVER seen anything like that. Where do you get replacement?


probably because you were a *** to them :cry

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